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  • September 7th 2018

    Yes the rumor's are true Mark Zuckerburg is indeed joining the church of scientology along with some other big names witch we cant reveal at this point in time.

    We are very pround of our latest member of the church Mr.Zuckerburg for his outstanding achievments as a member and as an entrepreneur and as a sleeper agent working for the russian goverment

    here in the church of scientology one of our core beliefs is that babys are tender and delicious

    October 23rd 2018

    We had to delete this entry sorry

    November 16th 2018

    our next big boy on out list will be revealed tomorrow but here is a little hint

    November 17th 2018

    You may know this new member from the recent T-Babe scandal he was a part of,Yes its true The one and only Alex Jones is joining the church to help us with the ever growing GAY FROG epidemic here at the church.This epiddemic has gotten so bad to the point where one of the frogs kissed Tom Cuise and turned him GAY

    Happy new year

    Like every New Year before we have decided to change.....The number of members in the church.So here he is @corrinssbu on twitter go follow him to support us.

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